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Preview CS:GO Daily Monster 50.000€ GTD @  


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28/04/2020 12:52 pm  

Preview CS:GO Daily Monster 50.000€ - Road to Rio


After a successful 6 days of CS:GO fantasy on FanTeam we are now heading towards the next big tournament. Today there will be another guaranteed prize pool of 50.000€ with an incredible 10.000€  for the first placed. 


As usual we were looking for the most value in players. Next to the pure points you also get 15 bonus points per Million you are not spending because of the pursuit mode.

To show you some picks which allow you to get some bonus points and you might not have been thinking about already, we created a Top 10 below the 11 Million price tag.

To determine the most value we looked at the win percentage, the 0:2 percentage for a team and the over 2,5 maps percentage. While a 0:2 loss would be really bad a close win could be beneficial.



If Team Heretics can beat the 42% percent of losing 0:2, they will provide great value.

Maka is showing an insane form over the tournament, kioShiMa had a great performance yesterday and nivera is putting up high numbers constantly. 

All this is referable to the drop of Luckys numbers. The ex-star of the team is now in game leading for a little bit and has to focus more on the tactics instead of his aim.


On the other side of the matchup we have Complexity. k0nfig seems to be a no brainer, as the original star of the team blameF has very weak numbers this tournament and k0nfig is stepping in his shoes without a problem. If Heretics vs Complexity happens to be as close as many experts expect, it could be a valid option to stack two Heretics and one Complexity player in one team.


With Godsent expected to win close against Copenhagen Flames, this is the perfect situation for players of Godsent. Maden is the starplayer of the team but is still priced under 11 million. If Godsent wins, maybe even in an overtime, he will be a game changing player not only ingame but also in fantasy.


100 Thieves are going in the game against Triumph as a huge favorite. With the two stars jkaem and jks struggling so far in this tournament, someone has to kill the enemies when they are winning. Up until now gratisfaction was the top contender for that and I am sure he will be again today.


Gen.G also is a favorite today against the underwhelming players of Orgless. The team is in a situation where bntet establishes himself as the first star, while the position for the second star is still up for grabs. It changes between autimatic and koosta and even s0m steps in every now and then. This situation allows some value. If you hit the right one this could be a tournament winning move. 

For the reason I mentioned above, I wouldn't combine these players in a team. I would pick one and mix it up with players from other teams or perhaps bntet. 


Last we have a player from a heavy underdog. Cloud9 just has a winning percentage of 35%. If they can make the upset possible oSee will for sure be an important part of the win. The AWPer seems to find his form again, as he was already putting up better numbers last game.


Good luck today!