Sharp Projections

Hedge your Fantasy winnings

Imagine the following Situation: You are playing the Weekly Monster Tournament on Fanteam and you are sitting at first place with a staggering 99 Fantasy Points. OMG! That € 5.000 cash first price is yours!

But there is a little problem… –  It’s Sunday evening and the tournament isn’t over yet. Manchester City has their Game on Monday against abysmal Watford and you don’t have any City players in your lineup. All of 11 players are through. Unfortunately several opponents of yours still have Aguero and Sterling and they could easily overtake your team if they go off. So what to do?

The Answer ist hedging.

Hedging is a risk management strategy in finance with the aim to reduce potential big losses while accpeting slight losses in profits. You can cope this strategy in Daily Fantasy Sports aswell.

In the given Example you could use the Sportsbook or your trusted bookmaker and place a bet on the ‘Over 2.5 Goals’ betting type. If Manchester City has a great day and scores multiple goals you will probably lose your first place position of the Weekly Monster, but in return you win your ‘Over’ bet.

 If you are just afraid of Aguero to score, because an opponent sitting close to you in the leaderboards has him as a captain you could easily place a ‘Aguero to score’ to lock some of your winnings. In Fanteam’s Sportsbook it’s even possible to directly place a ‘Over/Under’ bet on the fantasy score of a player.

There are many ways to hedge in DFS and it’s up to you develop a succesful strategy that helps you to profit less risky over the longterm.