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Is Daily Fantasy Sports beatable?

tl;dr – Yes, Daily Fantasy Sports is a longterm beatable game.

The first time that i came into contact with Daily Fantasy Sports was around 2015. I was lurking in a Poker Forum and seeing some U.S. guys chatting about their ‘Lineups’ and how much money they won at the weekend playing Fantasy Football. Back in the days this Fantasy Sports thing was completely new to me. Asking other european Poker player if they know what it’s it all about, but nobody knew much either.

As Poker tables really started to dry up i started to research and eventually found this Fanteam site that offered Daily Fantasy games for players in Europe. Well, the prices for winners seemed not very appealing with only some hundreds in the pot but i gave it a try.

And i was immediatley hooked. It did not only make watching sports more fun, it also had this strategic component that i loved from playing Poker.

Unfortunately i didn’t win much money which was the reason i originally started to play. In fact, i lost almost all my Buy-Ins that i put on the line. But that’s the natural way it is with all things, you can’t expect to be an expert from the beginning you start something new, right?

As time went by the pricepools became bigger and my skills became sharper. Down to the present day i made quite some money. Which finally brings me back to the actual question. Are daily Fantasy Sports games beatable and if yes, how much can you make?

Well, the first part is easy to answer. Looking at the results of players who played thousands of games over years gives us a very clear empirical view.

This ist he result of Fanteam’s current leader, the user TTriBL who has more than € 79.000 over 16.000 Games. The possibility that this ist the result of some short term luck is mathematicaly impossible.

The second part of the question, how much money you can actually make, is way more complex and i will not give you an answer on that one. Numbers like TTriBL’s are certainly not easy to archieve, but it can be done. It all depends on how much energy you are willing to put into researching players, thinking about lineup construction and creating your own individual strategy. A very good start is to use this site as often as possible as we will help you with stats, articles and point projections for all important games running on Fanteam.