1) PG – Trae Young, Atlanta Hawks. Everything speaks for the young star today: statistics, game form, the opponent’s team and a convenient calendar. In the last four matches, the guy scored an average of 37.3 points with 43.3% shooting accuracy and exactly 10 assists on average. We should not forget about 13.3(!) free throw attempts per game, all this at 39 minutes of playing time. A real leader of his team, who steadily brings the fantasy points to those who choose him in their lineup. He is also one of the leaders in matches with 70+FPTS, having five such games in his portfolio. In the last game against Cleveland, he put a line of 30-6-11-4-0-5 (rebound points, passes, interceptions, block losses) resulting in 63.5FPTS. This season Cleveland is one of the worst defending teams – conceding 115.4 points on average per game. Beautiful and logical, but expensive PG to your team – $ 14.8 per body.


2) SG – Devin Booker, Phoenix Suns. After a completely undeserved non-selection to the All Stars Match, there was a noticeable drop in Booker‘s game: only 19.4 points, 4.8 rebounds and 5.6 assists on average per game, with a total utility (-8). The FPTS also had a huge slump to 34.4 on average in the last 5 games. Why the choice fell on him? Match vs Golden State Warriors is an ideal situation to prove your stress tolerance and fitness for work. Everyone has already talked about the plum season of the Warriors, so I won’t repeat it fifty times. This season the teams met twice, with Devin scoring 31 and 34 points, respectively, playing 37 minutes on average. A very worthy guy with great motivation is a great choice for your team. Only $12.1, and he’s yours.


3) SF – Jimmy Butler, aka Jimmy “Buckets”, Miami Heat. Jimmy‘s last few games have been tormented by injury. But everything seems to be in order, and the guy is back in line. Yeah, he is! In his last match against the tortured GSW he scored 51.5FPTS. He spent 34 minutes on the court (remember, the first match after an injury), with 21 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 rebounds and a block, with two losses. In the match against Jazz a tough game is expected, even overtime is possible. That’s why Jimmy for $11.1 is an excellent option for the Small Forward position in your team.


4) PF – Julius Randle, NY Knicks. Yeah, I know, there’s Sabonis, Siakam, Davis, plus Giannis who is currently questionable. But my choice still falls to the heavy Knicks forward. Current form, Morris’ trade at Clippers, easy rival – all speaks for him. In the last five games, Julius has 44.8 points on average per game. He consistently shoots high totals, picks up rebounds and throws threes, being the team’s first scoring option. His rivals from Washington have the worst Defense rating in the league, by the way, 116 points on average per game. This season, the teams played twice. In the first game Randle scored 35 points and 50.75FPTS, and in the second game he had a crazy performance – in 39 minutes he scored 30 points, made 16 rebounds and 6 assists. All this resulted in 61FPTS. So, $11.4, and the monster Julius goes to you.


5) C – Karl-Anthony Towns, Minnesota Timberwolves. Even though the coldest city in the NBA is now playing DiLo, KAT remains Minnesota’s top star and franchise player. The wolves had a fun deadline, exchanging almost the entire team and then had two very good games – defeating Clippers and showing a serious fight in the match with Raptors. KAT continues to be on the front lines – 57FPTS and 50FPTS respectively. And then the match with a very weak front court against Hornets came up. The teams had already met this year, and if memory serves you, I’ll remind you what Towns did back then: 82.25FPTS(!!!), with a 37-point statline, 15 rebounds, 8 assists, 4 steals and 2 blocks, all in just twenty-eight, yes, I’m not mistaken, twenty-eight minutes! And I’m 100% sure that Crazy Towns on the home floor is ready if not to improve (a lot more), or at least to repeat his performance against the fourth worst team with a defense Rating (my favorite stat, yes) of 113.3 points per game.  The price of $14.7 is fully justified.




1) PG – Mike Conley, Utah Jazz. Yes, the choice is quite obvious. But Mike is slowly returning to his usual game conditions, and starting to come out from the bench, brings great benefit to his team. In the last 4 games he has gained exactly 36FPTS on average per game, always playing 30+ minutes. Not a bad result for a “Benchplayer”, and a good price of $ 7.6 really pleases the eye. I warn you, he is likely to be owned above 25%.


2) SG – Kevin Porter Jr., Cleveland Cavaliers. There were many options: Lee, Oladipo, Beassley. But I stopped at the wardrobe of Kevin because of a very good price-quality ratio. The guy is likely to spend about 30 minutes on the court, which gives just a lot of opportunity. In the last match against the Hawks he scored 29.75FPTS in just two quarters. I can’t say Atlanta has been stronger in defense since then. I expect him to play 30+ minutes and score 30+FPTS in this match. The price is candy: exactly $6. It will not get cheaper and better.


3) SF – OG Anunoby & Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Toronto Raptors. I admit, I couldn’t stop at one of these players, so it’s up to you to choose who you like best. There’s almost nothing to say – last year’s world champions were tormented by injuries. Gasol doesn’t play, most likely Ibaka won’t either. These guys normaly score the points and collect rebounds fort he team. In the last match both had 20+ points, and O.G. (by the way, a British citizen) chewed up 12 more rebounds, totaling a staggering 55FPTS in 36 minutes of playing time. For Rondae speaks the match is against his former team (usually an extra motivation) and the 36FPTS in 34 minutes of playing time against the Wolves. Prices are $5.5 and $4.8, respectively.


4) PF – Cheick Diallo, Phoenix Suns. The reason for this choice, as it usually happens – injuries to the players of the base. The Suns will be without Baynes, Kaminski and most likely Ayton. Without these four in the deep front court of Phoenix, there is only one (!) player left – and this is Cheick Diallo. Cheick spent 39 minutes in a match against the Lakers, scoring 25.5FTPS, and one match earlier in 25 minutes against the Rockets he earned 27.5 FPTS. For his price, it was a very good choice, especially against the Warriors in Ayton’s absence. The price is ridiculous for a possible 35+ minutes of play – $4.8.


5) C – Mo Wagner, Washington Wizards. The German center is gradually returning to the rotation of the Capital after an injury and even got to the Rising Stars Challenge. In his last match against Grizzlys Moe spent 25 minutes on the court, having collected 33.25FPTS. There is no reason to believe that he will spend less time on the court in the match against the much weaker Knicks and score less points than he did with Memphis. The price of pleasure is $5.5, which is a penny for the quality you get.




1) PG – Eric Bledsoe, Milwaukee Bucks. There’s no need to paint too much. Just remember that the Greek Freak had a son and missed the last game where Bledsoe scored 52.5FPTS. If Gianis isn’t there, he’s a must-pick. The price is $9.9.


2) SG – Tim Hardaway Jr., Dallas Mavericks. It’s as simple as that. If Doncic isn’t there, Tim will gain in his place. For $7.6, that’s very good.


3) SF – Khris Middleton, Milwaukee Bucks. The reasons are the same as Eric’s on the Point Guard. If Giannis is healthy, you’d better skip it. No Giannis – great pick. The $11.9 are not too cheap, but could be worth it.


4) PF – Kristaps Porzingis, Dallas Maverics. It’s the same as Hardaway Jr.’s. But he should definitely get more time and usage if Luka misses the game because of an injury. Moreover, the front court oft he Kings is weakend too. The price tag is $12.1, just like Sabonis.

Good luck in the 15k tournament. May the fantasy force be with you!